Route 1 green - La Bonnevie Saint Antoine
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Starting from the medieval city of Murat, this itinerary will take you to discover the Saint Antoine Chapel and the Rock of Bonnevie, two magnificent views of the Alagnon valley and the old town. You will discover the rock of Bonnevie and the rock Chastel, two rocky buttes also called "necks", witnesses of the volcanic activity that marked the territory 3.6 million years ago. From a sporting point of view, this loop will be ideal to realize a short loop while working ascend / descend sequences.

HeritagePoint of viewCity
The characteristics of the route.
Murat (15)
  • Distance 8 km
  • Elevation gain 360 m
  • Elevation lost 360 m
  • Min. elevation 912 m
  • Max. elevation. 1185 m
  • Duration (depending on pace) 1h à 2h
  • Marking n°1 green
Area : Murat
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The 2022/08/21
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